Aspiring Storyboard and Vis Dev artist based in Leiden, the Netherlands

Greetings! You have come upon the website of me : Nick Chrissis

I am but a humble acolyte in the fantastical arts of visual development and storyboarding. And it is here that I shall chronicle my journey on the road to mastery of these wonderful crafts.

I am currently not available for hire but please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries or wish to be notified about when I'll be free to accept offers.

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Coloring your Lineart in Clip Studio Paint
I got a new tutorial up on YouTube, it’s about how I color my lineart in Clip Studio Paint. The
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Clip Studio Paint new animation features
Clip Studio Paint has new Animation Features!
I’ve been hoping that camera animation and audio tracks were going to be possible in Clip Studio Paint and last
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