Aspiring Storyboard and Vis Dev artist based in Leiden, the Netherlands

Greetings! You have come upon the website of me : Nick Chrissis

I am but a humble acolyte in the fantastical arts of visual development and storyboarding. And it is here that I shall chronicle my journey on the road to mastery of these wonderful crafts.

I am currently not available for hire but please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries or wish to be notified about when I'll be free to accept offers.

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Kris Pearn Storyboarding class assignment
Kris Pearn storyboard class “week” 1
What’s something you can do to get better at storyboarding? Why take a class on storyboarding of course! I’ve been
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Custom 3d head sculptures
DIY Art Reference: Custom Head Sculpture
Reference: along with imagination and the ability to simplify a powerful tool in any artist’s repertoire. Heads: a somewhat essential
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