Point and Click Forever!

You know what I’m in the mood for? A game. Not just any game mind you! I want a game with a fun story. And puzzles! Some challenging puzzles that will tease my mind into coming up with creative solutions. And nice art! I want the whole thing wrapped up in nice colorful art reminiscent of the animation art I love so much.
I’m referring of course to the golden age of point and click adventure games. The days when Sierra and LucasArts ruled the game-o-sphere with fun titles like Monkey Island and Space Quest.
Did you know you play most of these wonderful games for free now? All you need is the SCUMMVM emulator and then pop on over to EmuParadise to download one of the titles on this list.
Unzip your download in an aptly named folder, tell SCUMMVM where to look and you’re of to the races!
Here a few of my favorites and games I would recommend for the discerning adventurer:
  • Space Quest 4
  • Space Quest 5 (the best one imo)
  • Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2
  • The Monkey Island series
  • Indiana Jones and the secret of Atlantis
  • Full Throttle

beautiful Space Quest 4 background art with a hint of Giger

this screen comes up a lot when i play

Two of the very best games that came out in the waning years of the Golden Age for adventure games are not free to play these days. They are the wonderful Starship Titanic (by none other than Douglas Adams) and the greatest game of all time : Grim Fandango.
Grim Fandango got remastered in 2015 with a little extra polish to the music and graphics but otherwise completely preserved in all it’s otherworldly glory.
Hopefully Starship Titanic will get the same treatment someday. I would love to grapple with an angry sentient time bomb voiced by John Cleese again.

Playing classic pont and click adventure games is still one of my favorite pastimes. Find out how you can play many of these great games from free on your current pc.

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