Kris Pearn storyboard class lesson 3

No more of this ‘week’ pretense! Let’s just call these lessons instead! Although ironically this is the only one I actually finished in a week…


Topic of this week lesson was continuity. As Kris puts it: how your shots stack up to tell a story. He focuses mostly on the ‘stageline’: also called the ‘180 rule’ as it describes the arc in wich you can place your camera and keep your characters on the same side of the screen so they don’t ‘pop’ and confuse your audience.



He goes on to describe several techniques you can use to introduce more than two characters and how to cross the stageline effectively if needed.


That’s about it for this lecture but don’t be like me and think that this is just a simple rule to keep in mind. The stageline is actually something that if used properly can add a lot to your story and if misused can totally give the wrong impression!

The Assignment

Like the lecture the assignment was also straightforward: board a little sequence featuring two characters arguing. Then add a third character who settles the argument. What was less straightforward was tge fact that Kris specified that the argument needed to be about….an egg.



What resulted is my first attempt at a comedy sequence. Why my mind went to a Humpty Dumpty style eggbaby I do not know.


It is the fastest sequence I’ve done so far, all in all I spent less than three days on it. But unfortunately I do think it shows – after this one decided to go back to my ‘get good first then get fast’ philosophy. Which might explain why lesson 4 is still a work in progress….

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