Kris Pearn Storyboarding class assignment

Kris Pearn storyboard class “week” 1

What’s something you can do to get better at storyboarding? Why take a class on storyboarding of course! I’ve been meaning to take Kris Pearn’s class on for some time, despite it being an older class I heard it was very good and very accessible. Normally I prefer learning from a book because I […]

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Demon Princes 3: The First Storyboard!

When we last left out hero, me, I was struggling with making my designs “animation friendly”. I had resolved on good advice to not just simply make drawings with less lines, but also to ponder the question on what makes an animation good. I’ll spare you having to look at further of my scribbly studies […]

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Custom 3d head sculptures

DIY Art Reference: Custom Head Sculpture

Reference: along with imagination and the ability to simplify a powerful tool in any artist’s repertoire. Heads: a somewhat essential ingredient to a successful character. Tricky to draw and light from certain angles. So you get some reference. Your first port of call will probably be photos. Personally I consider photos an excellent resource for […]

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Demon Princes 2: Feedback City

To recap: I decided to do a portfolio project based on my favorite bookseries: the Demon Princes. I had made some initial designs that I liked and was showing them off to people I met.   Well one of those people was veteran animator Nanda van Dijk who took one look at the character designs […]

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Point and Click Forever!

You know what I’m in the mood for? A game. Not just any game mind you! I want a game with a fun story. And puzzles! Some challenging puzzles that will tease my mind into coming up with creative solutions. And nice art! I want the whole thing wrapped up in nice colorful art reminiscent […]

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