Demon Princes 2: Feedback City

General / 27 June 2018
Well one of those people was veteran animator Nanda van Dijk who took one look at the character designs and said:
Too many lines, that would be a nightmare to animate.
Whoops. I could see her point, what I had done was just use a line style inspired by the Belgian comics I love and slapped some cell shading underneath. Back to the literal drawing board!
At first I just started to strip as many lines as I could, with mixed results:
I then tried to ‘finalize’ Gersen’s design and do an attempt at an animation frame mock-up, the latter of which I didn’t finish.
It just wasn’t working, something didn’t look right.
During this time I also stumbled on an amazing artist called Ethan Becker. His work was everything I wanted mine to be: full of appeal but also energy and drama!

amazing image by Ethan Becker

When I put mine and his work next to each and showed them to another great artist Robin Keijzer, whose work I also really admire for it’s appeal and energy, he pointed out to me that you can be realistic vs cartoony not just in the way the characters look, but also in the poses they have and how the shot is framed.
And Ethan Becker’s work is such a great example of how you can use poses and framing to ramp up the intensity of a shot!

more amazing work by Ethan Becker – the framing and posing hit you where you live!

I decided to step back and start studying for a while, trying to get a feel for what makes a great animation frame.
 crazy rough but i’m trying to capture the gestures
Lets hope it pays off – to be continued!