Coloring your Lineart in Clip Studio Paint

I got a new tutorial up on YouTube, it’s about how I color my lineart in Clip Studio Paint. The intro is a bit silly and has terrible audio but the actual tutorial is pretty watchable. One thing I forgot to show in the tutorial is the topmost layer: I always have a Hue/Saturation/Luminosity layer […]

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Kris Pearn Storyboard class lesson 4

Working with a script. Apparently when you do storyboards for film or tv they send you these pages of text that you’re supposed to read. And if that isn’t weird enough they expect your drawings to have things in common with all those words and stuff! It’s sheer lunacy! So anyway, this lesson Kris showed […]

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Custom 3d head sculptures

DIY Art Reference: Custom Head Sculpture

Reference: along with imagination and the ability to simplify a powerful tool in any artist’s repertoire. Heads: a somewhat essential ingredient to a successful character. Tricky to draw and light from certain angles. So you get some reference. Your first port of call will probably be photos. Personally I consider photos an excellent resource for […]

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