Kris Pearn Storyboard class lesson 5

Characters! The people that inhabit our stories. The people that take us on a journey, show us their feelings and generally do stuff to keep to the story moving. This lesson Kris discussed how best to write and board characters that an audience cares about. He goes through some basic character attributes and how they […]

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Clip Studio Paint new animation features

Clip Studio Paint has new Animation Features!

I’ve been hoping that camera animation and audio tracks were going to be possible in Clip Studio Paint and last week they delivered! They work smooth as heck and for me mean I don’t have to add more software to my workflow. Behold my rambling demonstration of said update:

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Kris Pearn Storyboard class lesson 4

Working with a script. Apparently when you do storyboards for film or tv they send you these pages of text that you’re supposed to read. And if that isn’t weird enough they expect your drawings to have things in common with all those words and stuff! It’s sheer lunacy! So anyway, this lesson Kris showed […]

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Kris Pearn storyboard class lesson 3

No more of this ‘week’ pretense! Let’s just call these lessons instead! Although ironically this is the only one I actually finished in a week… Continuity Topic of this week lesson was continuity. As Kris puts it: how your shots stack up to tell a story. He focuses mostly on the ‘stageline’: also called the […]

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Kris Pearn storyboard class “week” 2

So on to the second lecture! This ‘week’ is shot class, vital stuff for anyone working in film or animation. But first Kris goes into something more specific to storyboard artists: quick sketching. Also often referred to as ‘drawing shorthands’. Kris is really good at this, in the lecture he sketches out some figures that […]

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Kris Pearn Storyboarding class assignment

Kris Pearn storyboard class “week” 1

What’s something you can do to get better at storyboarding? Why take a class on storyboarding of course! I’ve been meaning to take Kris Pearn’s class on for some time, despite it being an older class I heard it was very good and very accessible. Normally I prefer learning from a book because I […]

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